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Being, Knowing and Doing: Professional development and the foundation of a supervisory relationship

Professional practice as a therapist or counselor involves developing oneself, acquiring knowledge and honing practice skills. Working with a senior practitioner in a supervisory relationship is an essential component of professional development.

A supervisor and a practitioner form a relationship with the goals of:

I provide supervision under the auspices of The ForeSight Group to individual practitioners and groups in the following forms:


Practice Training Supervision: Leading to independent social work licensing (LISW)


The Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board (the Board) requires 150 hours of supervision, over 24 months, provided at the rate of one hour per twenty hours of practice, for master level social workers seeking to become a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW).

The following are programs that can fulfill these requirements for practitioners with a master degree in social work..

Program goals

Training supervision will attend to the development of three defining and interpenetrating dimensions of professional social work practice: Being, Knowing, and Doing.


  1. Being: Development of the personal/professional characteristics necessary for competent advanced level of practice, such as self-reflection, strong ethical values and commitments to lifelong learning.
  2. Knowing: Attending to the development and demonstration of acquired knowledge required for advanced level practice, such as systemic thinking, psychological and behavioral theories and evidence-based research.
  3. Doing: Refining and demonstrating advanced social work core competency skills such as the development of effective worker-client relationships and various intervention approaches.

The pathway to integrating these dimensions will include mentoring of current work tasks, group engagement, didactic presentations, promoting reflective awareness of one's own process, ongoing collaborative assessment and feedback.


For groups of four-six people for training supervision not working within the same agency:

Meeting Scheduling, Format and Preparations

We meet weekly for 1.75 hours at mutually agreeable times in a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Internet-based program. This program provides live webcam views of me and each participant with voice, much like a conference call. This program ( supports providing graphic presentations (PowerPoint slides, videos and simultaneous document viewing). Sessions are recordable for archiving and later review. Training materials and documents will be provided in the online library.

The session provides 1.75 hours of training supervision. There are three group sessions each month for 24 months (As required by the Board). Each supervisee will have a monthly individual one hour supervision session. The combination of these group and individual sessions total the 150 hours required by the board for independent licensure. (Plus passing the LISW test).

Supervisees prepare for each session with summaries of their practice activities, following some specific activities, such as an individual or family case, staff responsibility specific to their work role, e.g., managing a work unit, and posing questions for discussion. The summaries are submitted to me as the Training Supervisor and I construct a session agenda from collating these summaries. This agenda may include training presentations or moderated discussions.

The board requires documentation of participation. Supervisees document their participation through recording notes on their submitted agendas, summarizing topics presented and discussions, thus forming an "amended agenda" and providing these notes for my signature.These amended agendas are stored electronically (Dropbox) and are your documentation of participation.

Presentations and discussions concerning the laws and rules governing social work practice in Ohio as long-term preparation for passing the LISW examination are included.

Monthly individual supervision sessions, conducted in person when practical or via the Internet, attend to personal/professional goals, topics specific to each person's practice in their work role and likely will track some work over time, e.g., following some cases, or assignments, etc.

Each supervisee contracts with me specifying our agreed upon responsibilities. Each supervisee, a representative of their employing organization and I will sign a contract which articulates our respective responsibilities, e.g. confidentiality issues, etc. There shouldn't be any surprises here.

There are other "moving parts" to this program which we will work out collaboratively, e.g., scheduling, accommodating differences, etc.

Fees: You can complete the required 150 hours of supervision, at the rate of 6.25 hours per month, within 24 months for a total cost of $4250.00.


You'll spend $170.00 per month to gain this valuable credential to make your career advancement possible.


Your program can be modified if you have already accumulated supervision hours.

For groups of four-six people for training supervision working within the same agency:

The above described program can be provided for groups of social workers working within the same organization as an on-site or Internet-based program.

Training Supervisor: Les Wyman, Ph.D., LISW-S


I have been supervising all levels of social work practitioners for over forty-five years and using the Internet to provide supervision, training and consultations for ten years. I am confident that we can make this program work to enhance your practice knowledge and skills and to fulfill the board's requirements for independent licensure.




Contact Les Wyman, Ph.D., LISW-S to explore this proposal or variations and fees which may be created to fit supervisees' needs (216 382 5077) and to arrange an Internet-based interview.

E mail:

Practice Training Supervision: Fulfilling licensure maintenance requirements

I provide ongoing practice supervision for advanced practitioners who are seeking to obtain progressively advanced licensure ratings.

Sessions are conducted using Internet-based VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Practice Training Supervision: Fullfilling conditions of licensure consent agreements

I provide ongoing practice oversight as a Board designated Monitor for a social work practitioner whose license is subject to the conditions of a Consent Agreement due to ethics violations.


Occasional case supervision for psychotherapy practice