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Les Wyman, founder of The Foresight Group, is a master Gestalt therapist who has been training other Gestalt therapists internationally since 1981.
He offers:


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Amy Luzar, MSSA, LISW-S, CGP

Amy Luzar

I want to contact all of the people who have worked with Les Wyman through this website, and make everyone aware of some sad news. I must regretfully inform you that Lester P. Wyman, Ph.D., passed away in August, 2019. He created this website for the purpose of training and supervision in Gestalt theory and practice.

My name is Amy Luzar. Les Wyman was my father, mentor and teacher. He left this website,, in my care to continue the training and education for which he created it.

For eighteen years (2001-2019) we worked together, co-facilitating the Ongoing Personal Growth Group for the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (GIC). I received a Masters Degree in Social Work from The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University and am certified in School Social Work by the State of Ohio Board of Education.  As a member of the Visiting Faculty of GIC, I have completed several Gestalt training programs and am certified in the practice of Gestalt Psychotherapy by the GIC Training Faculty of the Clinicians’ Advanced Training Program with Certification Option (CATCO).

Please contact me if you are interested in consultation and supervision. I am in private practice and am available for telehealth or in-person psychotherapy.

You can leave a message for me on this website, email me or visit my own website

I look forward to hearing from you!
Amy Luzar,

Les Wyman, Ph.D., LISW-S
speaking at The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, The ForeSight Group, LLC provides:

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