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Couple Therapy

I am a Gestalt therapist with over thirty years of experience providing therapy to couples, teaching therapists this model of practice and providing consultation and supervision to practitioners.

I work with couples from this approach:

I think each couple develops its own "relational software", its sets of patterns of interactions that they've developed to take care of their relationship "business" (Making decisions, being intimate, raising a family, etc.).

Often, these ways that they communicate and interact work well to satisfy each individuals' and the couple's needs.  Sometimes not.

In my work with couples I ask them to allow me to observe how they work together by having conversations with me present.  I think I can see the ways that they successfully do their business and other ways that they've developed to interfere with meeting their needs.

When we can see these problematic ways together, then we can figure out some better ways which they take home and integrate into their patterns.