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Gestalt Psychotherapy Group

This process oriented psychotherapy group provides a learning laboratory for enhancing personal and interpersonal functioning.

Group purposes:

Members can expect to:

• Increase their awareness of personal and interpersonal processes and the effectiveness of these processes;
• Enhance self management personally and interpersonally;
• Gain support from others in a safe group environment;

Beginning contract:

Members are expected to commit to ten consecutive sessions.


Time: 7:00-9:00 PM

Day: To be arranged

Fee: $60.00 per two hour session.

Insurance reimbursement:

Medical insurance program contracts generally reimburse for group therapy. Prospective members should check with their insurance carrier to determine benefits and procedures for obtaining reimbursement.

How to become a member:

Set an appointment for an individual interview for the purposes of setting personal goals for membership and to assure a good fit beetween personal goals and the group purposes.

Goal setting interview fee: $100.00

Venue: The group meets at 4065 Colony Road, South Euclid

About the group facilitator:

I am: